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    Wood- Plastic Composites,WPC drywall corner
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    drywall protecting corner products
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Wood- Plastic Composites,WPC drywall corner :


Application: Used for finished drywall corner ,for example, wall paper surface or      painting surface or any other wall surface. Keep corner stronger and beautiful.

Performance: non-formaldehyde, non-toxic, pro-environment,beautiful. 


       width:55mmX55mm,  thickness:7mm

       length: 10+80+10cm/set or 6+6+80+6+6cm/set,   

       40sets/carton.       there are 9 pattern for color.

How to use:

1. keep wall surface corner dry and clean!

2. Put silicon sealant onto the back surface with point for 10mm thickness, two point with 50mm distance, at the inside two top of corner with double-adhesive foam tape(2mm thickness), mark the same high with tape measure and pen on the corner, put WPC corner onto the drywall corner and push, don't strike corner before silicon sealant freezing.