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    paper faced metal
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    drywall protecting corner products
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tape on paper faced metal (platinum paper-faced metal drywall beads and trims) www. xiujun. com

It is made with a unique,high quality paper laminated to various metal forms. The metal provides maximum strength and protection for the corner, while the paper provides reinforcement to prevent cracking caused by the movement or shrinkage of framing members. The result is a clean, precise corner that is long lasting, provides superior resistance to edge cracking,rust resistance and is not subject to fastener popping.

It creates a smooth rounded corner giving a sense of openness and contemporary style to any room.It is suitable for both 1/2 & 5/8 inch wallboard and are quickly and easily installed using joint compound, leaving a crack resistant corner that is not subject to fastener popping. Available in outside/inside 90 and outside 135 off angle corners.