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Fiberglass alkali-resistance dipped mesh

They are made of yarn or roving by means of leno or plain weave. The diameter of elementary glass fiber varies between 9 and 17micron. Mesh fabrics combined with specially designed mesh surface treatments can be used in a wide range of applications, but are mainly used in construction industry. Surface treatments based on styrene-butadiene ensure alkali resistance and increase the mechanical durability that is required by the construction industry. In addition, other surface treatments based on PVAc, PVC or styrene-acrylate are used for different.


Example of marking

Example:AL68 A101

AL68 –type of fabrics (AL-mesh)with finished fabrics weight in g/m2(68g/m2),A—alkali resistance, L—leno, (P—plain).

A 101-alkali resistant surface treatment

A 105-surface treatment with soft or hard resin

Lit of applications by types of mesh fabrics

Name of application --Used type of mesh fabrics

External Thermo Insulating Composite System(ETICS/EIFS)

AL68, AL120,AL130, AL145,AL150,AL159, AL160, AL187,AL217,AL330, AL343,AL391,AL476,AL540, AL600, AL697

Finishing components manufacturing

AL60, AL76, AL100, AL120,AL145,AL159,AL160

External and internal plaster reinforcement

AL60, AL65, AL100,AL110,AL120,AL130,AL159,AL160, AL343, AL540

Style of reinforced lightweight construction boards

AL90, AL100

Marble slab reinforcement

AL63, AL70, AL80(with A105 treatment)

Mosaic carrier

AL130, AL145, AL159, AL160,AL201

Electrical heating mats


Floor reinforcement

AL110, AL120, AL130, AL138, AL217

Asphalt and other insulator reinforcement

AL60, AL70, AL110,AP60, AP70, AP82

Mesh fabrics are wound on paper tubes with inner diameters of 50.8 ,76 or 152mm.The quantity of fabric wound on the tube is determined by customer requirements and varies from just 50 meters to the thousands of meters needed for a machine processing. Mesh fabrics are offered in widths of between 10 cm and 180 cm in addition to the standard 100 cm.


Store rolls in a cool, dry location; Store away from direct contact with the ground or concrete; Store out of direct sunlight; Protect rolls from weather and other damage; Store individual rolls or roll cased on end!!


External Thermal Insulating Composite Systems(ETICS)

External Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS)

   ETICS /EIFS  composition

1.Wall surface


3.Thermo insulating boards

4 .Reinforcing coat

5. Reinforcing mesh fabrics

6. reinforcing coat

6. Facade render

ETICS/EIFS are not only used to renew old panel buildings and houses. They also play an integral role in new housing projects.

The first thermo image shows a thermo leak through a building skin before renovation. The second thermo image demonstrates the leak reduction as a result of ETICS/EIFS.


Fiberglass roofing waterproof scrim

As there is almost no strength in waterproof medium (bitumen) itself, the waterproof system is easy to crack and leak due to temperature change, sunshine and wind ,etc. When put the fiberglass scrim in the system, it can strengthen the ability to resist this influence because of its properties of alkali-resistance and high tensile strength. This will bring people a comfortable space and convenience life.

Marble slab reinforcement/mosaic carrier



External and internal plaster reinforcement

   Examples of use

1.Walls with channels for electrical wires and joints of two different materials(wall made of lightweight material - metal beam)

2.Two different materials joint (wall made of lightweight material-concrete wall)

3.Modern construction technology

Application procedure

1.Surface treatment

2.Plaster application

3.Reinforcing mesh lay down

4.Mesh adjustment

5.Mesh embedding

6.Finishes wall with reinforced plaster


Electrical/steam floor heating mats

Installation procedure

1.Electrical floor heating mat. The floor must be sufficiently cleaned before the heating mat is laid-down.

2.The heating mat is unfolded on the floor. The heating mat should be laid down without any creases and then secured so as to prevent it slipping. When laid down direction is changed ,cut the glass fiber mesh belt. Be very careful not to cut heating wire.

3.Detail of installed heating mat.


Reinforced lightweight construction boards

Construction panel structure

1-Reinforced panel

2-Reinforcing mass

3-Reinforcing glass fibre mesh fabrics

4-Surface of finished panel

Bathroom building procedure

1.Preparation of structural modules

2.Bath with wall

3.Bathroom before final completion