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Drywall Joint Paper Tape is a quality tape designed for use with  joint compound to reinforce gypsum board joints and corners prior to painting, texturing and wallpapering.  Joint tape is super strong both wet and dry. The tapered edges offer invisible seams.  Joint tape is sparked, making it the type preferred by professionals.

paper tape: laser hole, middle crease, rough surface, USA paper, 140-145gsm,


50mmX23m, 50mmX75m, 50mmX150m. etc. 

Other specification upon customer’s request.

How to Finish Wallboard Joints:

1. Firmly press joint compound into wallboard joints over an approximate 4" wide area.

2. Center Joint Paper Tape in compound, over hidden crack and embed tape into compound. Cover tape with a thin coat of compound. Remove excess.

3. Make sure nail heads are driven in at least 1/32". Apply joint compound to nail head indentations.

4. After bed coat compound is completely dry (at least 24 hours) apply another thin coat of compound and feather out to a 3"- 4" width on each side. Apply second coat to nail heads.

5. Allow the preceding coat to dry and apply another thin coat, feathering out to a total width of about 8" on each side. Apply final coat to nail heads.

6. When completely dry, at least 24 hours after final coat, sand smooth.

Finishing Inside Corners: Apply compound to both sides of corner. Crease tape and embed. Apply a thin coat on both sides of tape. When dry, apply a second coat to one side only. Let dry, then finish the other side. When dry, sand until smooth.

Finishing Outside Corners: Use broad knife to apply the joint compound over the corner bead flange for the outside corners. The first coat should be approximately 6" wide, and the second coat 6"- 10" wide applied on each side of corner.

Equipment:  Joint Paper Tape is designed for Banjo-style taping machines, automatic taping systems and hand taping.

Coverage (approximate): Joint paper tape is 5cm wide. Exact coverage upon the length of the tape.


Apply  joint paper tape only at the recommended temperatures of the joint cement used. Store tape in closed cartons at normal room temperature in an enclosed, dry shelter.

Limited Warranty:

This product is warranted to be uniform and of the highest quality. Xiujun shall not assume any responsibility, directly or indirectly, for any loss caused by application of this product not in accordance with directions. All labor costs are excluded from this warranty. Xiujun liability under this warranty shall in no case exceed the purchase price of the quantity of Xiujun product used with respect to which damages may be claimed. All claims shall be considered null and void unless submitted within 30 days from date of alleged defect.

Architectural Specifications: Meets ASTM #C475