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    butyl waterproof and leakproof stickers
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    waterproof series
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XJ8501 Xiujun Butyl Waterproof and leakproof stickers is a kind of environment-friendly solvent-free, lifelong non-curing self-adhesive waterproof sealant, which is produced by special process process, with butyl rubber as the main material, together with other additives, and high quality special macromolecule materials (imported). It has strong adhesion to various materials'surfaces, and has excellent weatherability, aging resistance and waterproof. The surface of the sticky material has the functions of sealing, vibration reduction and protection. Because it does not contain solvents, it does not shrink and emit toxic gases; because it does not solidify all its life, it has excellent follow-up to the thermal expansion and contraction of the surface of the adhesives and mechanical deformation, and is easy to construct. It is an advanced waterproof material and rare sealing material in all walks of life.
Usage: Mainly used for the overlap between color steel plates, steel plates and sunshine panels, lighting panels, steel plates and concrete, the installation of PC panels and endurance panels, and the sealing of the joints of falling gutters.
Other uses are as follows: doors and windows, concrete roof walls, ventilation pipes, building decoration seals and waterproofing; lapping of EPDM waterproofing rolls and polyethylene sheets; expansion joints of tunnels, reservoirs and flood control dams, cement floors in municipal engineering; seals for automotive engineering, high-speed rail trains, aircraft, refrigerators and freezers; seals for vacuum bags (mainly FRP). Industry); Sealing of seams between kitchen cabinets, bathtubs, basins, sinks and walls; Sealing of expansion joints and peripheral seams of automobiles, containers, building doors and windows, various containers; Sealing of waterproofing and insulation of power, communication base stations, communication cables, ground wires, antennas, and joints of various wires and cables.
Performance and advantages: high and low temperature resistance (-40-90 C): can maintain permanent flexibility and adhesion; good follow-up, can withstand a certain degree of displacement and deformation; excellent weather resistance: strong anti-ultraviolet (sunshine) ability, good chemical corrosion resistance, more than 20 years of service life; excellent adhesion: excellent waterproof and sealing, easy to use, accurate dosage, reduce waste, cost-effective; Safe and environmentally friendly: non-toxic, tasteless and free of any solvents.
Color: Conventional: white, grey, black; other colors can be customized according to customer requirements.
Usage: According to the gap or joint width of different parts, according to the requirements of engineering design and technology, appropriate specifications of waterproof tape should be selected; before bonding, impurities such as water, oil and dirt on the bonding surface must be completely removed, and residual silicone adhesives on the bonding surface must be repaired. In particular, organic solvents can be used to clean and dry the bonding surface, and the separation between the adhesive tape and the adhesive tape should be torn off. Remove the paper and stick tape along the joint or crack. Roll the tape surface with hand or tool to make it fully adhere to the adhered surface, so as to ensure that the tape and the surface of the adherent are closely combined.
XJ8508 special butyl sealant for steel structure is a one-component non-curable sealant based on butyl rubber. It has the same properties as butyl waterproof tape with 85% solid content and the rest are organic solvents. It is widely used in building seals, especially in new steel structure projects and steel roof waterproof repair projects.
Usage: Dewatering, deoiling and dedusting the surface to be sized to keep it dry and clean. Cut the tip according to the requirements. Cut the sealing sheet into the aluminum foil along the tip with a sharp tool. Install a sizing gun. Squeeze the sealant directly from the tip to the sheet to be sealed. The optimum temperature of this product is 5-35 C.
Cautions: Keep away from fire source, children and skin for a long time during use and storage. If splashed into eyes carelessly, rinse with water immediately and seek medical treatment.
Warranty Period: The product can be stored in the original sealed cylinder or iron cylinder for one year in dry environment. The storage period becomes shorter at high temperature and the viscosity will increase at low temperature. In order to prolong the storage period of the product, the product should be placed in a cool and ventilated environment. The principle of first-in-stock and first-in-use should be adhered to when replacing the stock.

popular style: 1mmX50mmX5m, 36rolls/ctn, 1mmX100mmX5m,18rolls/ctn, 1mmX50mmX10m,16rolls/ctn;1mmX100mmX10m, 8rolls/ctn.