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Detailed content

XJ8521 Singled Sided Non-Woven Tape

Construction industry 8520 single sided aluminium

Non-Woven single side butyl tape is made of fleece fabric and butyl rubber///// Aluminum single side butyl tape is made of aluminum foil and butyl rubber.. It has excellent heat resistance, time resistance, waterproof, adhesion and protection. It’s a unique waterproofing material without any non-shrinkage and non-noxious gas since there is not any solvent. It’s a special waterproofing material which fully accommodate to the surface that it adhere to. The butyl tape is mainly used in connecting of steel panel and wall, mending of metal roof, cars.

    1. Flexibility & adhesion;
    2. Excellent seal & UV resistance; Can last up to 20 years.
    3. Easy to use and no wastage.

2Applying Method
1) Make sure of the surface is clean and dry before application.
2) Choose the reasonable size of butyl tape according to the gap of steel board. Peel off the release liner and stick the butyl tape on the gap.
3) Press the butyl tape stick to the steel board fully until the butyl adhere with the surfaces stable.
3Main Technical Data Sheet

Note: 1All testing condition temperature is set at 23C besides low/High Temperature testing.

    1. The product can last up to 20 years (using U.V 100 hour as an indication of one year)

Carton package, we can also package on customers’ requirement.
Black, grey, white and according to customers’ requirement.
Keep the place cool and dry with temperature under 27. Shelf life will be 12 months.
1) Keep the surface clean before application
2) Keep the stock place cool and dry.
3) Adhesion maybe affected when adjusted multiple times.