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new product:XIUJUN 8501flashing tape/waterproof adhesive tape/Butyl Tape/membene
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XIUJUN 8501 flashing tape/waterproof adhesive tape/Butyl Tape/membene is mainly made by butyl rubber with other formula. It is a kind of environmental protection non-cure self-adhesive tape made with a special process. The features are excellent adherence, time resistance, waterproofing and easy to connect with different surfaces. It also processes the functions of airproof, shockproof and protection. Its a precious waterproofing material without any solvent, non-shrinkage and non-noxious gas.Its s special waterproof material which fully accommodate to the surface that it adhere to.

Application:  mainly used in steel structure housing between steel plate and color steel plate, sunshine board, lighting plate, between the steel plate and concrete between the overlapping, PC board, endurance board installation, and fell into the gutter sealing joints.

Other uses are as follows: windows, concrete walls, roof ventilation pipes, building decoration and waterproof seal; three yuan (EPDM) and polyethylene film between the lap waterproof board; the municipal engineering tunnel, reservoir and flood control dam, cement floor expansion joint sealing; seismic vehicle engineering, high-speed trains, planes, and refrigerator cold freezer; sealing vacuum bag (mainly glass steel industry); slot cabinet, bathtub, basin, sink, wall between the wall and the edge of the seal; sealing telescopic automobile, container, building doors and windows, various container joints and peripheral gaps; electric power, communication base station, communication cables, wires, antennas, and all kinds of wire and cable joint sealing and waterproof insulation.